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Steeple Chase – the 2nd millennium - Storytrails India Private Limited

Steeple Chase – the 2nd millennium

Steeple Chase – the 2nd millennium


90 mins

St Thomas came to India in 52 CE and brought Christianity to this land. Many others followed in his wake. The Nestorians, Armenians, Portuguese, English and the Scots – they all brought in their unique versions of this religion and left behind a trail of customs, relics and monuments in these faraway lands. This trail follows the evolution of Christianity in the second millennium. How did the upheavals, splits and the consolidation that happened worldwide reflect in the cityscape of Madras? How did the Portuguese influence the religious history of India? How could a piece of bread be the cause of a 1000-year old split in the Church? Stories of kidnapped priests, excommunicated Popes and towering steeples – discover all this and more in exciting detail on this trail.

Steeple Chase15
Steeple Chase14
Steeple Chase13
Steeple Chase12
Steeple Chase11
Steeple Chase10
Steeple Chase9
Steeple Chase8
Steeple Chase7
Steeple Chase6
Steeple Chase5
Steeple Chase4
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Steeple Chase2
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