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On the trail of St. Thomas - Storytrails India Private Limited

On the trail of St. Thomas

On the trail of St. Thomas


90 mins

This trail traces the story of the arrival of Christianity to India, a story that began way back in 52 CE. Follow the footsteps of St Thomas, the apostle who reached these shores, determined to take the word of God to faraway places. How did Christianity change in the first 1000 years since its birth? And how did those changes reflect in the practice of the religion in India? This trail takes you to places in Chennai where St Thomas lived, where he was martyred and where he was finally buried.

The trail starts at St Thomas Mount and ends at the Santhome Basilica.

St. Thomas12
St. Thomas11
St. Thomas11
St. Thomas10
St. Thomas9
St. Thomas7
St. Thomas6
St. Thomas5
St. Thomas4
St. Thomas3
St. Thomas2
St. Thomas1


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