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Monuments around Varaha Cave

Monuments around Varaha Cave

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90 mins

This trail takes you back about 1300 years, to a time when the Pallava dynasty ruled these parts. What was Mamallapuram back then? What was religion like in these parts? Who were the big Gods and how did they change over time? How do archaeologists piece together all this from fading inscriptions and crumbling statues? Starting from the Sthalasayana Perumal temple, this trail takes you through the fascinating stories hidden away in the cluster of monuments around the Arjuna’s penance bas-relief; Stories of the end of the world, of generous kings, of evil demons, and of a man who remains suspended between heaven and earth.

Arjuna’s Penance11
Arjuna’s Penance10
Arjuna’s Penance9
Arjuna’s Penance8
Arjuna’s Penance7
Arjuna’s Penance6
Arjuna’s Penance5
Arjuna’s Penance3
Arjuna’s Penance2
Arjuna’s Penance1


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