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There’s a story behind everything you see. The sights you see are but a small part of the charm. Join us on a quest for these stories, as we guide you through the bylanes of the city.


A new city means a lot of new information to process. Our carefully curated stories,narrated to you by leading voice and theatre artists, will provide a context, helping you make better sense of the sights you see. Every city exists in her stories, and the sites you see are but a small part of her charm. Join us on a quest for these stories, as we guide you through the bylanes of the city. Don't merely visit, come be a part of the stories.


The app doesn't just tell you where to go, but also what to keep an eye out for. Sometimes maps just aren't enough so we have useful landmarks and sites of interest to help you navigate by.


Storytrails has been hosting unique, story-based walking tours in multiple cities across India since 2006. These popular tours have consistently won critical acclaim from travelers, and awards from the travel community worldwide. You can now enjoy this unique content in the form of audio tours in your own time, at your own pace and with the added bonus of extra features, available only on your mobile phone. While our friendly storytellers make way for a mobile application, what has not changed is the careful thought that goes into the research, curation and presentation of stories.


These tours are location-aware meaning that the app senses when you have reached a certain point and automatically prompts you with the relevant content. You can choose to play, pause or replay the content at your own convenience. You can also manually select any location on the map and play the associated stories, without even visiting the location.


These tours will take you through both well-known tourist destinations, and places that are not on any check-lists. However, these are not merely sight-seeing tours. Each location offers listeners fascinating stories that straddle history, mythology and local cultures - all of which connects back to the theme of the tour.


The App allows you to purchase and download the tours to your device and then use them even if you aren't connected to a data service while on the tour. So there's no need to worry about locations with patchy or non-existent mobile data networks. Click on any location from the map on the App and you can play stories associated with that location, even when you are offline. Having a data connection additionally allows your device to identify your location and trigger those stories automatically


Most of the stories are made richer with archival images sourced from the best repositories from all around the world. Together with this, another dimension is added through contemporary images and illustrations of the locations covered in the tours.


Wondering about the best time to visit a particular monument? Or unsure about the place of worship? Our Tips & Suggestions section covers allsuchfrequently asked questions.

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